Can America Still Rise Above Adversity?

On this day, December 7, 1941, America suffered a blow that could have easily crippled her beyond recovery. That didn’t happen. Instead, America came together as a nation, and the results, to put it modestly, were impressive.

The United States was just coming out of a depression that dwarfs the current economic climate, and a decimated Pacific Fleet would, in the eyes of the Japanese, finish off the sleeping giant. What happened instead was that the country rose up and fought back with a fire the Axis powers could not have anticipated, and not only extracted vengeance, but to this day occupy the aggressors, and dictate their military decisions.

Everyone from the farm hand in Iowa to Rosie the riveter in Cleveland pitched in for the cause.

Now, America faces a new challenge, the face of it changing, but a challenge none the less. Two wars, countryless combatants, a crumbling economy, tribalism, voting irregularities, outsourcing, insourcing, the rise of a communist regime that has a stranglehold on what was once American wealth, and a flat out refusal to secure the nation’s borders are just a few of the things that can, and will finish off this country unless we come together with solutions we all can believe in.

The buffoons inserted into Washington aren’t going to help. They’re the cause. They’re the ones that pulled money out of your ass to help companies that didn’t deserve it.

We could start by buying American. It worked before.

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