Smoke A Joint, Save The Country?

Most reasonable people were against the bailout because the idea of handing our hard earned tax dollars over to the clowns that fouled up the economy in the first place just didn’t sound like a good idea. The mental giants in Washington just didn’t know what to do though. What now? Well, help may be a bong load away.

The shocking truth may be that the agricultural giant that is the the United States, the country that actually sends crops to other countries, doesn’t make a dime off it’s number one cash crop: marijuana. Yes, you heard it right, the value of the marijuana crop exceeds that of corn and wheat combined. That particular crop is illegal though, and America doesn’t make a dime from it. Sure, there are some entrepeneurs that make out handsomely, but they don’t share, and they certainly aren’t paying any taxes.

So how can America benefit by taking advantage of her number one cash crop? One of the first things legalizing marijuana would do is put a severe dent into the profits of the drug cartels. You want a war on drugs? Bankrupt them. One looks at America will prove how devastating that can be. Gore Vidal made a case for legalizing marijuana, but there are too many reasons why it never happened. This country to this day hasn’t learned the lessons of prohibition, where gangsters like Al Capone literally built empires on top of a restrictive constitutional amendment. It never stopped people from drinking, and like today, provided no economic benefit what so ever to the United States. Eventually somebody got wise and decided that if you tax the stuff instead of ban it, the money would come rolling in. And roll it did.

Unlike alcohol though, there are other uses for hemp besides getting high. Industrial hemp can be used to make everything from fibers to fuel. You heard that right, fuel. You’re right, Exxon would never go for that, and neither would any of politicians whose pockets they line. And so we’ve reached the crux of the problem. Billions of dollars of potential revenue, millions of potential manufacturing and other ancillary jobs just waiting-and we’re bailing out dinosaurs.

There are solutions for America left and right (no pun intended-or maybe it was intended), and all it will take is for America to stand up and be heard. After all it’s 300 million against what, the Harry Reid gang?. I think we can take ’em…

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