Blagojevich: Business As Usual

Chicago style politics. It almost sounds like a joke, the idea of policians from one state that are so corrupt, it’s almost impossible to hide. It’s no joke. It’s not mythology, Illinois politicians really are corrupt.

If Rod Blagojevich ends up behind bars, which is very likely, he will join a lengthening line of governors from the state of Illinois that have been convicted of corruption, the likes of which take on an almost comical proportions. He would be number four out of the last eight Illinois governors. Ha, 50/50 your governor goes to jail!

We’ve heard the tip of the iceberg so far; Blag had Obama’s senate seat up for sale. But he was in even deeper. Turning the screws on a failing Chicago Tribune, demanding kickbacks from a children’s hospital-yes, a children’s hospital, and who knows what else. We’re sure to find out what.

Blag couldn’t do it alone though. The for sale sign for Obama’s seat had some potential takers. Rumor has it…well we don’t want to speculate on Jesse Jackson Jr. What about Obama? He’s a politician from Illinois? His cheif goon David Axelrod said Obama hung with Blag before he all of a sudden misspoke and then didn’t hang with Blag. Now it seems as if Obama hardly even knows the guy, despite the fact that he enthusiastically supported Blag’s election bid. Well he hardly knew Ayers either.

It’s politics a usual in Illinois, not that other states aren’t corrupt as well (they certainly are), but Illinois, and Chicago style politics are legendary. And the legend continues…

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