Time Warner Sucks-Again

For those of you that are surfing along with high speed internet, just appreciate the paradise you’re experiencing. For those of you that have Time Warner, well here’s my rant.

The already shaky service provided by Time Warner took a quantum leap this week when more than a million customers of its high speed internet were blindsided with yet another connection problem. In this area of Southern California, the service has been out since Tuesday, and although a TW spokesman claims that service has been restored, there are still areas that are down-and just my luck, this is one of them.

The nice lady at technical support said that they could send someone out on Tuesday or Wednesday. I told her that the service has already been down for two days. She knows, she knows. She said the my particular area was having a problem, so I asked her what the point was of sending someone to my place to fix an area problem. She couldn’t figure that out either. So who knows when they’ll get it fixed. In the meantime, internet cafe’s, and temporary dialup service will have to suffice. The connections were always a little spotty, but this has been the longest they’ve been down. I called AT&T to see what they had to offer, and the nice Indian girl transferred me to the Calee-fornia help center. She was very nice though.

Most of my posts involve current events-things that are happening that day, or at least very recently. This week was huge news week and-well, thanks Time Warner. Blag doing it Chicago style, a $50 billion fraud on Wall Street (man, that bailout is losing its shine more every day), B of A cutting 30,000 jobs, the Detroit wars, and-wow, I’m stuck with dialup. I’ll get to those things. Better late than never.

Life ain’t fair. If I provided the kind of quality on the job that Time Warner does, I’d be fired. If I provided the kind of service the Congress provided, I’d be fired as well. They’re prospering though, and who knows what kind of layoff nightmare awaits in the following weeks for me, and millions of other Americans. Yep, kind of a shitty week…

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