Bush Throws One More Shoe At America

There probably isn’t enough server space on the web to document all that George Bush has fouled up, so let’s just choose something recent. Remember when the transfer of wealth bailout bill was passed it included a crackdown on outrageous executive bonuses? Well…

As America was being fleeced with a bailout bill that hasn’t done the country any good at all (just ask Bank of America), the Democrats were touting that at least they were going to crack down on the greedy CEO’s that were rewarding themselves with substantial bonuses for substandard performance. Yes, that was originally part of the package, but at the eleventh hour, the Bush administration inserted an unopposed loophole that the crackdown would only apply to companies that sold that sold mortgage backed securities to the government at auction. Well, so far, none of the bailout recipients have done that, and none probably will. Why should they? And lose a bonus?

Did you hear about this in the news? Were there angry protests on Capital Hill? No, not a peep from Republicrats or the incoming messiah for that matter (well, I guess he’s a little preoccupied right now…). What it boils down to is the crooked execs that bent us over in the first place can continue business as usual, no consequences. None for them I meant. For the rest of us…

I wish I could be an incompetent boob criminal at work and be rewarded. How do you get one of those jobs anyway?

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