Internet Explorer Sucks-Again.

The genius of Bill Gates. The massive resources at the disposal of Microsoft. Some of the brightest minds in the business on staff, but still, Microsoft just can’t seem to make secure browser.

To the consternation of some, and the expectation of others, Internet Explorer has been found to have yet another vulnerability. A techie can give you all the details, but the point is that this browser has never been, and may never be safe. Firefox is a safe browser, coming from a company that doesn’t have any where near the resources of Microsoft. And it’s open source to boot. Maybe since it isn’t bundled against your will with any other programs, it can be developed as a stand alone, safe and powerful browser.

Internet Explorer is junk , Windows is a relatively shaky operating system, yet Microsoft sits on top of the world. More power to ’em I guess. Wish I could be substandard and successful…

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