Bush Turns Socialist, Hands Reigns To Obama

With all the talk about Barack Obama being a socialist, it turns out that this country has two left feet.

George Bush laid it on thick for the last 8 years on how great a free market was. Apparently he didn’t even believe himself. Bush admitted in an interview with CNN that he had to abandon free market principles in order to save it. With selective bailouts (sorry, you weren’t selected) at your expense, the country has been forced to prop up some of the most corrupt, inept pieces of garbage the world of business has ever know. Bush had to do it.

Well, George Bush has handed Obama the USSA on a silver platter. Obama couldn’t have planned this better himself. Of course he didn’t. He couldn’t. Obama is a rank novice in the political arena, but a popular figurehead that will execute the CFR agenda as he is instructed. His birth certifcate will be swept under the rug and the ACORN/Diebold/media/Republican/Democrat coalition will have their man that will soothe the American public as it is being castrated. The term Republicrats was just a nutty term coined by Ralph Nader in the eyes of most people, but now we see that it may be more than a mythical concoction from the minds of disgruntled voters.

No need to welcome you comrades, you’re already here…

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