The Future Is Here. "It’s not a tax, it’s a fee"

California has come up with a socialist model for the nation that can empty the pockets of Americans with little or no recourse.

In order to pass a tax in California, it takes a 2/3 majority vote for it be enacted. There are barely enough Republicans left in the legislature to thwart Democratic attempts to add more misery to what is already one of the most highly taxed states in the nation. Well, they may have found a back door.

In a classic case of doublespeak, the Democrats have come up with a budget that imposes not taxes, but fees, that apply to everything from gas to filing your taxes. That’s right, a fee to file your taxes. Consumer rights groups have vowed to fight this if passed, but unfortunately, recategorizing taxes as a fee may actually hold up in court. That would open the door for fees on just about anything. It is a way around the law, and a dangerous precedent, that if successful, will open the door to other socialist legislatures around the country to belt their citizens with the same.

It’s a slippery slope. If this back door tax actually holds up to legal scrutiny, more fees will certainly be in the pipeline. California is being bankrupted by not only malfeasance from Sacramento, but billions in benefits for illegal aliens, unions, and pensions for state workers. With the exodus of tax paying citizens to other states, they are desperate to come up with new revenue. They may have found a way.

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2 Responses to The Future Is Here. "It’s not a tax, it’s a fee"

  1. avatar of Vishnu says:

    It seems that tax and spend is still the mantra of California Democratic legislators. I am registered Dem but DO NOT support fee imposition. We have to come up with a more sweeping vision than ‘seat of the pants’ style factioned politics.
    I shall be hounding the Governor as well as my state Senator and Assemblywoman to stay away from this…it’s a simple thing… get any deeper into my pocket and I will vote for anyone else to replace you.
    Find smarter and more visionary goals and plan and fund wisely.

  2. rjjrdq says:

    The problem is that many people do not pay attention to state politics. On election day they just vote for a name they recognize.

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