Cheney: We Were Going To War No Matter What

At first is seemed a bit ludicrous that the Iraqi shoe thrower who narrowly missed taking George Bush’s head off during a press conference, not only wants to be released immediately, but is going to sue for damages and injuries incurred as a result. Where did that anger and gall come from?

It took 8 years for America to clean its own house, although the cleaner may end up being as bad as the mess.

If the Iraqi shoe thrower has gall, it pales in comparison to Shotgun Cheney. In an interview with Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday, Cheney basically admitted that they would have gone to war, even if the “intelligence” had been accurate and no weapons of mass destruction were found. No matter what. That argument is dead, along with the “fight them over there so we won’t have to fight them here” argument. Cheney apparently forgot the the U.S. effectively has no borders, so anybody can just walk in. Al Jazeera didn’t forget.

Two wars, unemployment skyrocketing, outsourcing, insourcing, open borders, the greatest transfer of wealth in history in process, the nationalizing of America, $10 trillion in debt, and Cheney gives America the finger on the way out the door. That’s gall…

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