Rat Bastard Bush Pardons More Human Garbage

What is going on inside that pea-brain? Did one of those shoes actually hit him? George Bush pardons 19 more, most of them repulsive slime, but two Border Patrol heroes continue to rot in prison.

Not unlike his last batch of pals that he pardoned, this latest motley crew includes drug smugglers, human traffickers, embezzlers, various fraudsters and the like. Somehow Bush felt that this type of vermin was deserving of a presidential pardon, while Ramos and Campeon, the two Border agents convicted of doing their job, sit in solitary confinement, a glaring symbol of what this administration’s agenda really is: wide open borders leading to a North American Union, a diluting of the decent paying jobs for Americans, the absolute decimation of Mexico by taking their youngest and strongest away before absorbing the carcass, and all the while perpetuating this phony war on terror as a diversion. Sure, there really are those that would love to harm America, but Bush is doing nothing to stop them. Al Jazeera will tell you. They were down on the border making a how-to documentary on how to waltz into America unopposed. Yes, unopposed, because if anybody dares to secure that border, they just might end up in jail-like Ramos and Campeon.

Barack Obama certainly is no prize, but at the same time, George Bush should feel fortunate that he only had two shoes hurled at him. He is a piece of crap that should never had been elected at all, much less twice. Previous posts have documented how rife with fraud the voting system is in this country, so maybe he wasn’t actually elected.

Expecting Bush to pardon two men that deserve to be pardoned is asking too much. Maybe Obama can change that in January. A “BO” scribble on a piece of paper is all it would take. That is, unless he’s just the left cog in the same machine. But that’s another post…

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3 Responses to Rat Bastard Bush Pardons More Human Garbage

  1. goodtimepolitics says:

    I don’t think anyone should be pardon after a court of law finds them guilty.
    Merry Christmas

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