Savage Kurds Mutilate Their Women

There’s plenty of horror and mindless torture in the world, but when done under the guise of tradition and respectability, it goes beyond the pale. Many aspects of Middle Eastern, and African culture for that matter can seem very strange to the average American, and in some cases sickeningly barbaric.

The practice of female circumcision is deeply ingrained into Kurdish society, and for them an honorable practice that goes back generations. Honorable to the men, but a nightmarish bloodbath for the young girls that are attacked in this manner. It is usually the mother, or some other woman skilled in the art that does the deed. The young girl is held down and if she’s lucky, under general anesthesia a piece of her genitals is removed. What part do think that is? That’s right, they cut out her clitoris. Sometimes it goes even further than that, but it is all to make sure the woman is somehow “clean”. What self-respecting Kurdish man would want some tramp of a wife? This procedure takes care of that problem. There should be no danger of a woman becoming too aroused after enduring this kind of mutilation.

Guys, I don’t want to get too graphic here, but what if your dad dragged you into a room where they were waiting to cut your nuts off? These girls have no choice. And all the blood, and the fighting, and the worrying, and the suffering, and the money we put into Iraq, is for what? To liberate this kind of savagery? Is that why thousands of our men and women died over there? Is that why my cousin did 3 tours? Is that why my great grandchildren will be paying for this? So innocent little girls can be hacked up to the specifications of twisted minds?

Pardon my language but fuck religion! I have maintained for years that religion causes more problems in the world than any other single reason. Right again. If the Kurds wanted 1/3 of that country, George Bush could have twisted some arms and brought them into at least the 19th century. Not a peep out of that worthless bastard. Great job with democracy you piece of shit. Maybe when Obama-oh who am I kidding, they do it in Kenya too

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