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Obama’s Brother Busted For Drugs

You remember George, the guy who lives in some kind of slum in Kenya? Well, apparently he’s trying to do something to kill the pain in his life. George Obama, the black sheep (no pun there), half-brother of Barack Obama … Continue reading

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Is Obama Really Running The Show?

He wouldn’t be the first figurehead president in history. Here’s a guy who can’t get out a complete sentence without a teleprompter, yet his agenda is advancing quite rapidly. So if it turns out to be the case that Obama … Continue reading

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The Outsourcing Debacle

There was a time not that long ago when Americans had jobs a plenty, wages were at least decent, and and the United States was the envy of the world in terms of good living. That’s all changed now. Jobs … Continue reading

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U.S. To Send Aid To Mexican Drug Cartels

You heard it right. In a deal brokered by the open borders Bush administration, the first installment of $400 million worth of equipment and technology slated to fight the cartels is instead being shipped to the very law enforcement organizations … Continue reading

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Obama Economic Advisor: White Males Need Not Apply

You wanted hope and change? Where here it comes, with all the force of a lead pipe crashing down on your skull. The post racial fraud that is Barack Obama trotted out one of his economic advisors to explain how … Continue reading

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United States of America: July 4, 1776-January 20, 2009 RIP

The overthrow is now official. Some say the overthrow happened in 1913, and maybe it did, but now it’s official. In a racism tinged circus, Barack Obama, that man that couldn’t seem to find a legitimate birth certificate, was installed … Continue reading

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2nd Failure To Move This Blog

Well, I’m back for now. It’s more difficult than I thought to find a reliable web host. Plenty of free ones out there, but they go down often, and some just mangle WordPress software. The search continues. Any suggestions would … Continue reading

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Ramos And Campeon To Be Freed

In what my be the last act of an absolutely nightmarish presidency, George Bush commuted the sentences of former Border Patrol agents Jose Campeon and Ignacio “nacho” Ramos, convicted of shooting a scum bag illegal alien drug runner trying to … Continue reading

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2nd Attempt To Move This Blog

As in the first attempt, if it doesn’t work out, I’ll be back The new home of rjjrdq’s America At least for the time being…

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Celebrating The Gangster Culture

To the surprise of no one, an after-party for the film Notorious, that chronicles the rise of rapper Biggie Smalls turned deadly when 4 people were stabbed. The film is a celebration of the ganster life, so the people attending … Continue reading

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