A Happy New Year For Congre$$

While the rest of America struggles with the loss of jobs, pay cuts, or the threat of those things looming over their heads, congress has congratulated themselves for legislating the country into oblivion by giving themselves a $4700 pay raise.

Yes, this is the same congress that currently boasts a 9% approval rating by the very people who voted them into office, and will have the money for that raise taken out of their ass. This is the same congress that approved a ridiculously failed bailout package with absolutely no monitoring mechanisms as to how and where the money is spent. This is a congress that sat silent, or were even on board with George Bush as he attempted to sell off American seaports and airports to the highest bidder. This is a congress that, along with their pal King George, made sure the borders stayed open, resulting in a flood of undocumented workers (at least some of them were workers anyway) coming into the country, even as the orgy of job outsourcing picked up steam. This is a congress that had no comment as dangerous and poisonous products from China flooded American markets.

There are questions as to Barack Obama’s eligibility to be president, but in all likelihood backroom politics will prevail and he will be sworn in this month. He will then have to deal with this bunch of buffoons. How long do you think they will play the change we can believe in charade? Probably not at all. Obama is now enrolled in the school of hard knocks…

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