Genocidal State Terror Sponsors Sudan Receives Millions From U.S.

As if the United States has extra money to throw around, the borrowed money currently being spent is going to places that should enrage every American.

It’s no secret that the U.S. is the most generous country on earth, doling out aid to 150 different countries. Even the average citizen is generous in a time of crisis, donating money straight from their own pockets. What the average American does not know is where some of their hard earned tax dollars are going. As the bleeding hearts cry about how tough Israel is being on Hamas, they are completely silent when it comes to atrocities far worse than what the Israelis are being perceived of committing. Of the countries receiving the most aid from the U.S., Sudan comes in at number 10. You can try to decipher the breakdown here. That’s right. Sudan, the designated state sponsors of terror, a country that supports Hamas, the architects of the Darfur genocide, the country that allows horrible mutilation of its women in the name of Islam, and the list goes on.

Well, why not? Other countries in the U.S. handout top ten engage in similar activities. Yes, technically the monies are slated to be distributed for certain things, but in the end, who distributes the money? We’re handing over money to countries that support terror, and openly savages its own people. This is an outrage, and anybody who cares about anything should be taking a stand, writing their elected “leaders”, and informing the rest of the public as to just what is being done with your money. What will Mr. Change we can believe in do about this? What do you think? Muslim enveloped, girl hacking Kenya is number 5 on the list…

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