First Wave Of New Taxes On The Way?

Congress has created a commission that has recommended a 50% increase in the federal gas tax. That’s right, the congress that just picked your pocket to give themselves a fat raise is coming back for more.

The specious logic put forth is there is less revenue due to people driving less, so this apparently is a perfect time to do those road repairs. But the party doesn’t stop there. They are also recommending that individual states to the same to the very people who voted them into office (Diebold controversy not withstanding).

This obviously would affect everyone in the U.S. That includes the poor saps who just lost their jobs. Nobody is immune from this kind of tax. Everyone has to get around. When gas prices rise, public transportation becomes more expensive, a blow to those who cannot afford a car. The price of goods will rise, since it will now cost more to bring those goods to market, and businesses that will now be charging higher prices due to transportation costs will suffer because consumers will be hanging on their disposable (for lack of a better word) income to cover their new, higher gas bill.

Federal and state. That is the recommendation. These clowns have managed to foul up the greatest economy on earth. The next time you go to the polls, take a long, long, long look at who you’re voting for…

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2 Responses to First Wave Of New Taxes On The Way?

  1. goodtimepolitics says:

    Tax and spend boys is their logo!

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