States Line Up For Bailout Party

After horribly fouling up the budgets in their respective states, five governors have decided to gang up and twist Barack Obama’s arm in hopes of a massive bailout. How massive? Try $1 trillion. This would theoretically apply to only 5 states, although there are 41 that are looking at budget shortfalls.

The 5 states, Wisconsin, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York and Ohio would use this money for the essentials, including education, infrastructure, and public aid. However, billions of dollars from this potential bailout would be used for middle class tax cuts. Now where did these 5 buffoons think that money was coming from? The feds would have to borrow even more money from China, later to be paid back by way of-you guessed it, taxing the middle class!

It’s hard to believe that Americans are gullible enough to vote these kinds of dolts into office. Voter machine fraud must be widespread.

What part of “no money” do these governors not understand? Government waste is legendary, and there are certainly cuts that can be made painlessly, and other cuts that, while painful, are survivable. But these clowns want business as usual, and have you pay for it. If Obama caves to these kooks, the bailout line will stretch across the country…

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