Message From Democrats: “Thanks, Suckers”

The change we can believe in express continues its ride over the proverbial cliff, even before the Obama administration most likely takes over this month. In the latest embarrassment and insult to America, former New Mexico governor Bill Richardson, tapped to be Obama’s commerce secretary, has withdrawn his nomination.

The investigation is pending, but it appears that a company that contributed heavily to the Richardson presidential campaign has won a lucrative contract with the state of New Mexico. Just the appearance of impropriety has covered Richardson with enough slime that he will not be able to scrape it off in time to take the job. Si se puede…

Stack this on top of the Blago scandal, where Rahm “I helped destroy Freddie Mac” Emanuel is inextricably tied, and now the revelation that Harry Reid’s name has popped up in Blago’s phone records, and you have just a small taste of what the next 4 years will bring.

Meanwhile, Barack Obama plays dumb and goes on vacation. Why not? This party was raging long before he came along, and if he thought he was going to change that…No, the Republicans are no better, but it was astonishing how many people thought that the Dems would somehow tackle corruption, despite the fact that, in many cases, the Democrats and Republicans alike have their pockets lined by the same special interests.

Bob Barr was a kook. Ralph Nader was a kook. Alan Keyes was a kook. At least those guys give a damn about the country. If you voted for any of those weasels that are there now…Thanks

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