U.S. Being Sold Off To Foreign Interests

As if defective children’s safety products, poisoned food, contaminated medicines, useless automobile tires, and the rest of the crap coming from China weren’t enough, it turns out that the communist nightmare that set a new standard in poor quality has a lot of cash, American cash, and they’re looking for a place to invest. They aren’t the only ones either.

China is looking at billions more in U.S. dollars this year, complements of the horribly failed bailout, and they’re using what used to be your money to buy up assets in the United States. After their failure to get their hands on Unocal, China has taken a back door approach and are going after smaller chunks. Smaller companies, smaller pieces of the pie. China has competition though. A Saudi company just bought a piece of General Electric. Japan is looking at Treasury Bonds.

Does any of this matter? It does if you’re concerned about foreign influence in the United States. For example, it would be a disaster for Japan to decide to cash in those bonds (assuming they’ve matured). In theory, if they needed a bill to get through the legislature that would benefit them somehow, if it passed, maybe they could delay cashing those in. Or how about the Saudis making a subtle sharia or outsource threat for the piece of what once was American G.E.?

It probably wouldn’t be blatant, but anybody-or any country with a heavy financial influence could potentially get things to roll their way, whether you like it or not.

You won’t see this on the local news, and add to that swarms of Americans that will kill to get at Wal-Mart products, the deadly combination could spell the end of an empire. You’re seeing history all right, in more ways than one…

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