ABC Botches Race Baiting Scheme

In an effort to soften up Americans for the next immigration reform bill that is sure to be coming down the pike, ABC has sunk lower than normal, setting up a phony race baiting scheme to see how many people would bite. Apparently, this program was designed to throw some guilt at America for not welcoming illegal aliens. The scheme blew up in their face.

A program called What Would You Do?, hosted by John Quinones, was a full attack on Americans. Quinones attempted to find the most reprehensible representatives for America he could find, and when he was unsuccessful at that, he made something up.

One segment took place in a diner where an actor portrayed a racist diner employee, and another actor portrayed an ostensibly illegal day laborer. The attempt was to bait customers coming in to showing their racist tendencies by having the phony diner employee go over the top with racist comments and treatment towards the phony illegal alien. The numbers had to be disappointing to Quinones, but he played up what he had anyway.

Of the 88 people that came in to the diner, 49, didn’t even get involved in the hidden camera charade. 9, yes, count ’em 9 people agreed with the racist actor. Not that the 9 were racist, they just agreed that illegals should not be here illegally. Those were the 9 that Quinones tore into. What slipped out was that 30 people actually opposed what the actor was saying (that was cartoonishly over the top), and spoke up for the phony day laborer.

9 out 88 agreed that illegals should do it by the book and not sneak in, and that’s what Quinones felt constituted a good racism story. Well, we know where he’s coming from. He describes himself as Mexican American. Mexican first, then American. Teddy Roosevelt would be rolling over in his grave…


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