That Move Will Be Delayed

I planned on moving this blog where I would have more control over the look and content, but it didn’t work out like I planned. The crappy free service wiped out all my files and all the work setting up the new blog was for naught. I guess you get what you pay for.

Maybe they just have server problems and are down for now. Geez, they’ve been down for a while now, and this weekend was kind of klunky as well. Pretty disastrous when you’re trying to build a half-way decent reader base.

If anyone knows of a good place that will host WordPress software, by all means let me know. I would appreciate it immensely…

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One Response to That Move Will Be Delayed

  1. Lesley Dewar says:

    I came here because I saw your comment on the site and thought you might have some tips and ideas to share with us

    We are building up a lot of information on how to get good value out of this site. Part of its strength is the fact that the more you bump others off, the worse off you are.

    More than that, once you are recognised by Alphainventions, they keep sending you traffic because you update your site – not because you keep resubmitting or you are an AIID subscriber.

    I have done a lot of statistical analysis on this and have the numbers to prove it.

    Many of us found out about Alphainventions because they referred traffic to us BEFORE we submitted to them.

    For me, the great thing about is that it keeps sending traffic to my site and using the referral back links I can visit those people. That is real value for blogging and building traffic.

    I do resubmit from time to time, but I find the most referrals come when I have updated my blog with real information (content).

    Have a look at our site to learn more

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