New Push To Erase Borders

With millions of Americans out of work, and the economy in free fall, and politicians already pandering and making political appointments based on race and race only, congress, with it’s 9% approval rating, is getting ready to slobberknock America once again with a blow open the borders bill.

With the blessings of George Bush, Harry Reid has filed S. 9, the failed amnesty bill the has risen from the dead. Americans have made very clear that they want border enforcement, not destruction, but Reid and his good pal Bush could care less what you have to say (and you thought they were on different sides of the aisle).

These America hating traitors have the full cooperation of the media, so you won’t hear any reasonable dialogue on this subject unless you tune in to the great Lou Dobbs, a man that just might be good choice for political office himself. Then again, with opposition to common sense coming from all quarters, he may not be able to get anything done.

Is this the new world order? With a destroyed economy, non-existent border, nationalized institutions, and debt repayment that will be coming out of all our asses, you have the makings of the end of an empire and the beginning of the new world socialist order. If you think that Obama is somehow change from Bush, take a good look at their agendas. Obama the figurehead is just continuing business as usual, even saying that only the government can fix this right now.

No empire lasts forever, and the United States is no different. I hate to sound cynical, but it appears that there are not enough Americans informed enough to rise up. Unless there is some kind of miracle (which is possible), America will fall, destroyed from within. It is falling as we speak, and another will emerge to take her place. What that empire will look like remains to be seen, but is seems like it will be very different from the conventional country-based empires. Either way, the masses are the ones that pay the price in the ongoing money baron chess game.

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2 Responses to New Push To Erase Borders

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