Obama’s Treasury Pick A Tax Cheat

The man Barack Obama has chosen to keep an eye on the nation’s money has a few skeletons in his closet. It turns out that the guy slipped, tripped, or pushed his tax returns out of the proverbial window and failed to pay a substantial amount of taxes.

Tim Geithner made more than $40,000 worth of errors filing his taxes the last several years. He did those taxes himself, which should set off a red flag for anybody being nominated for treasury secretary. Apparently the incoming Obama administration didn’t have a problem with it (and neither did the IRS seemingly), and just had him kick a few dollars over to the tax boys to pave the way for his nomination.

It seems to me that a guy who can’t figure out Turbo Tax has no business as the steward of America’s piggy bank. But this guy has other issues. It turns out that he had an illegal alien slaving at his residence for a while. Well, maybe not illegal. What do you call someone who’s working papers have expired? Ah! Illegal! I was right.

Had the average citizen done what this guy has done they would likely be making some new friends in cell block A.

But not Geithner. In fact, Sen. Max Baucus (D-Mont.) said that Geithner’s “errors” were honest mistakes, and that he would most likely be confirmed. Double standards we can believe in…

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3 Responses to Obama’s Treasury Pick A Tax Cheat

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  2. lsm says:

    There obviously is no shame in the Democrat party…and no standards either. My neighbor didn’t pay taxes and IS in jail. I guess now we know why people are dems. Belong to that party and you can get away with anything.

  3. rjjrdq says:

    In all fairness, Republicans are just as bad. Two arms of the same monster…

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