Bush Says Goodbye, Slithers Into Oblivion

George Bush maintains that he doesn’t know history will see him, but the rest of us have a pretty good idea. His farewell speech was one of the lowest rated in history, and if that’s not an indicator for Bush, there’s no getting through to him.

He says that he’s kept America safe since 9-11. What he fails to mention is that 9-11 was years in the making, and Al-Qaida has already indicated that the next attack will dwarf 9-11. So how long do you think an attack of such a magnitude will take to plan? How would they pull it off with Homeland Security on the case? For one, the borders are wide open. Even the Border Patrol acknowledges that they only nab 1 out of 3 border crossers. How many of the 66% that got through are looking to do us harm. I have a bad feeling we’ll find out soon enough.

And what about the borders? With a drug war that the U.S. government even admits may collapse Mexico, Bush has pushed “comprehensive immigration reform” nearly his entire reign. Yes, Bush is inviting drug cartels to set up shop in the United States. How else can you see it? This guy is throwing Border agents in prison for doing their job, and at the same time handing millions of dollars over the incredibly corrupt Mexican government so they can fight the scourge of the drug cartels that have many of the politicians bought off already. Great plan. So America gets the cartels, MS13, the Mexican Mafia, and anybody else who wants amnesty. We’re not safer, we’re being set up for the kill.

King George can’t brag about the economy either. A collapse of the greatest economy, maybe of all time occurred on his watch. Bush’s response was to fleece the taxpayers out of trillions of dollars to cover the losses of the very scum who flushed the economy down the toilet. Thanks, George. All this is happening as he encouraged outsourcing of American jobs to China, and in return, China sent their cheapest, most dangerous and toxic garbage they could find. All the while America was funding their military buildup, much of the technology for that stolen from the U.S. George just continues to smile goofily.

Do we even need to get into the phony war? The inteligence was bad, but Dick Cheney said we going anyway. Fighting terror over there but leaving the border open. Great planning.

Goodbye George Bush. I’ve questioned whether you had the I.Q. to actually make these kinds of decisions, but even if you don’t, you went along with it all and played the figurehead stooge. I would have long been fired for doing the kind of job you did. How did you last 8 years?

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