Celebrating The Gangster Culture

To the surprise of no one, an after-party for the film Notorious, that chronicles the rise of rapper Biggie Smalls turned deadly when 4 people were stabbed. The film is a celebration of the ganster life, so the people attending the party should have known what to expect.

There were similar problems when the film Colors was released back in the ’80’s. It followed the experiences of two cops on the beat in gang infested Los Angeles. Hollywood can make any kind movies it wants, and that may end up being a good thing, because it can show what is out there and effectively bring societal problems to the surface. I don’t think that was the intent of the creators of Notorious, but if that’s the effect it had, then some potential good can be found.

I didn’t see the film, nor will I, not because it doesn’t look like a well made movie; it may be very well made, but because I see what the gang phenomenon has done to my town, and the last thing I want to do is support it or give it some legitimacy by spending my dollars to perpetuate it.

Gangs are a growing problem in America, and it remains to be seen whether the faux president Obama will deal with it, or whether it will be another thing we’ll just have to tolerate.

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