Ramos And Campeon To Be Freed

In what my be the last act of an absolutely nightmarish presidency, George Bush commuted the sentences of former Border Patrol agents Jose Campeon and Ignacio “nacho” Ramos, convicted of shooting a scum bag illegal alien drug runner trying to bring drugs into the U.S. for your children. Bush didn’t pardon them though. In a last palm slap to Ramos and Campeon’s respective ears, the sentences were commuted, meaning they will always be convicted felons, not to mention the fines and humiliation of having to check in for the next 3 years to make sure they’re staying clean Apparently, Bush thought what these agents did was worse than what the trash he pardoned did. Drug runners, embezzlers, swindlers, human smugglers-you name it, and Bush pardoned them, but two men risking their lives defending this country? He commutes the sentences on his last day. Does that even deserve a thank you?

The basic facts are well known, but there is more, much more that the general public does not know about. Apparently, this railroading came at the request of the Mexican government. That’s right, Mexico gave the order (that’s what I said, gave the order) for the U.S. to go balls out after these two agents in an injustice that should enrage every American, and scare the shit out of every Border Patrol agent.

Do you think the heroes down on the border have gotten the message. I bet they have. George Bush and his band of bastards have sliced up, sold off, an given up sovereignty of this country to the highest bidder. No wonder Obama looks like the messiah to so many people. Coming after Bush, most people would probably fall into the saint category at least.

At least now the two former agents can be free and try to clear their good names outside of prison walls.

Hey George, there’s a couple of cells opening up, why don’t you make yourself at home you piece of garbage…

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