Obama Economic Advisor: White Males Need Not Apply

You wanted hope and change? Where here it comes, with all the force of a lead pipe crashing down on your skull. The post racial fraud that is Barack Obama trotted out one of his economic advisors to explain how that economic stimulus package is going to be spent.

According to Robert Reich, an ex-Clinton hack (or maybe a current Clinton hack), this welfare package masquerading as economic stimulus should not include white male construction workers. That’s right, blue collar, hammer and nails construction workers that happen to be white. Not super rich executives that get bigger bonuses in one year than most of get on our paychecks in a lifetime, Not self-made millionaires that don’t need your stimulus anyway, but working class folk, whose only crime is being white.

I thought we were past all that. I thought that didn’t work. I thought this was a new day. Apparently not to Obama. It looks like he has become what he claims to hate the most. It looks like to him, racism works, racism is a valid tool. Reverend Lowery will tell you.

For all you guilty whites that cast a vote for Obama, you’re about to get your reward. This is an openly racist agenda, easily pursued because the media is just a tool for his propaganda. Did you see this story in the msm? Nor will you, unless…the people make a big enough splash that they’ll have to cover it. With so many under the illusion that Obama the messiah is going to bring us together, the likelihood that there will be a large scale indignation is pretty slim.

It’s time for whites to stand up. No, I don’t like to play race games either, but if you are under attack for being white, you must defend yourself. I know, I know, I can hear the Al Sharptons, and that crazy Lowery character, and the Jeremiah Wrights of the worlds telling me how it was. Well it isn’t like that now. The majority of votes Obama received were from white people. He won the Iowa caucus for crying out loud. Don’t tell me about what some dead people did years ago. That’s NOT how it is now…unless you want to perpetuate that kind of outdated thinking. Racism we can believe in…

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5 Responses to Obama Economic Advisor: White Males Need Not Apply

  1. Gershwin says:

    “It’s time for whites to stand up. No, I don’t like to play race games …”

    Oh really?

    Well look, stand up. Go on, stand up. But if you need to lean on anyone while standing up, make sure you lean on all races equally, yes?

    Do you geddit now??

  2. rjjrdq says:

    Wish you’d left a link Gershwin. I’ll debate you.
    What I was saying is this: Let’s say company A has 6 job openings and 4 Asians, and 6 Africans apply. 40% of the applicants are Asian. Should they get 50% of the jobs?

    Reichs scenario is even worse: He wants NO WHITES AT ALL to have the job(s), because they’re white. Is that fair? Not only is it not fair, it’s racist. The Supreme Court agrees. They struck down affirmative action.

    Look, Barack Obama managed to become president of the United States, after traveling the world and attending some of the finest schools money can buy. This is not pre 1964, it’s 2009. Don’t tell me opportunities aren’t there. Reich’s comments were racist towards whites and insulting to non-whites in that he’s suggesting that non-whites need to have success spoon fed to them. He insulted everyone.

    I geddit all right…

  3. lsm says:

    It’s the beginning of a slippery slope and the sad thing about this is that Reich wasn’t fired for saying something that just 5 years ago, he would have been. We’ve become a nation of tolerance…we can no more tolerate Reich telling us that whites need not apply than we can tolerate the same language for blacks. Yet our leader, Obama, says NOTHING.

    It’s pathetic.

  4. rjjrdq says:

    I’ve already been called a racist for not agreeing with Reich’s assessment. Yes, for even suggesting that everyone, including whites be treated with equality. Wait til we get hit with the fairness doctrine. They may shut down all our blogs…

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