U.S. To Send Aid To Mexican Drug Cartels

You heard it right. In a deal brokered by the open borders Bush administration, the first installment of $400 million worth of equipment and technology slated to fight the cartels is instead being shipped to the very law enforcement organizations that are suspected of being in the pockets of the cartels.

It appears the cartel that the Mexican government favors is the Sinaloa cartel, who have received virtually no fallout from Mexico’s war on cartels. The rival Gulf Cartel on the other hand has suffered a blow (although not crippling), and it is clear that the Mexican government has focused on them. Public Safety Secretary Genaro Garcia Luna, who heads all federal law enforcement, has a slew of lieutenants under suspicion of having ties to the Sinaloa cartel. The problem is, when honest, uncorrupted agents find out this info, there really is nowhere to turn, because the corruption is so widespread that the information will either be quashed, or the agents themselves may be deemed trouble for the cartels.

But your money is going there none the less. Even worse, it will be in the form of technology that the cartels can use to ply their trade and avoid detection even more efficiently that they can now. And what does president Barry plan to do about this? He must know; I’m just a guy off the street and I know. Well, for a guy that wants to bring immigrants “out of the shadows”, you can pretty much guess what he’s going to do. Good folks that just want to work? Well, that’s half right, they do want to work

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2 Responses to U.S. To Send Aid To Mexican Drug Cartels

  1. David Lamb says:

    Over the past ten years I think it has become clear that the Mexican government isn’t going to take an active role to stop drug trade; because it brings money into their country that is to be expected. The irony is that it’s predominately Americans who buy drugs from Mexico, i.e. Americans are paying their own government to stop the trade (through taxes), which artificially inflates the price of the drugs, and then buying the drugs.

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