Is Obama Really Running The Show?

He wouldn’t be the first figurehead president in history. Here’s a guy who can’t get out a complete sentence without a teleprompter, yet his agenda is advancing quite rapidly. So if it turns out to be the case that Obama isn’t calling the shots, then who is?

Sure, we’ve all heard the conspiracy theories. The Bilderberg Group, The Council on Foreign Relations, the Tri-lateral Commission among others have been thrown out there as scheming dominators of the world. It is just conjecture at this point just how much power the above organizations have, but at the same time, what is so crazy about a tight knit group of bankers, financiers, politicians, and dynastic families who control a great portion of the world’s wealth colluding together and laying down the law for various countries, telling them how it’s going to be? That actually sounds more reasonable than goons like Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi making decisions that may have global implications.

Try to imagine this: George Bush (yes, that George Bush), had an agenda and went right to work. You saw the consequences. Do you actually think it was him making those decisions? Obama has been in office less than a week, and he’s pushing hard for this what, 900 page stimulus plan? Do you think he wrote any of that? Could he even tell you what’s in it? I bet he can’t. No more than you or I, but the authors could probably tell you in great detail. Why ask Obama, it’s more than likely not his plan.

He’s all for it though, just as George was for the last phase of what many feel is just a continuation of the same plan.

A stimulus plan to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars is just too big to allow the Pelosi’s, the Reid’s , the Frank’s, and even the Obama’s of the world to control. I could be wrong but…

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2 Responses to Is Obama Really Running The Show?

  1. maxx says:

    well, if you think about it 10% of the world’s population controls 90% of the wealth, so a small group manipulating the world don’t sound so crazy does it?

  2. Joseph says:

    We are (Americans) facing a certain amount of devastation, I believe the current administration has to at least try something other than giving the rich more tax breaks. Tax breaks are okay to a certain point, but there just to many issues that need to be addressed besides giving rich people more money. We need roads, bridges, power grids, levee’s, schools, I mean we are a nation that is falling apart we need get back on our feet. I don’t know what the correct answer to our problems are but I know throwing more money to the wealthy isn’t the solution.

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