Bailed Out Banks Trucking In Cheap Foreign Workers

Even as the economy continues its downward spiral and hundreds of thousands of well qualified Americans scrape for anything they can, the major banks that were recipients of huge chunks of the failed bailout are looking overseas for labor they can bring to the U.S. and exploit. Many of these banks have laid off Americans, and have plans to lay off even more, while at the same time using the HB-1 visa gift the government has bestowed upon them to make sure those desperate Americans will soon lose the audacity to ask for a decent wage.

In their minds, why ever hire an American? You can get an exploitable worker from India with a master’s degree to come here and work at a bachelor’s wage. They just don’t get it. These banks (and other major company execs as well), are so greedy, that they can’t see that unemployment and low wages will ultimately sink their companies. Oh, what do you know, it already happened. Thank goodness the American taxpayer is there to bail them out. It won’t be for long though at this rate. If these jackasses heading these banks were really intelligent they would understand that a well paid bank employee will more than likely invest and do their banking…that’s right, with them! They’re laying off the very customers they seek!

You can’t twist their arm to find out how much cheap labor they’re hiring at American workers’ expense either. Just like the bailout money spending they won’t tell you about, America is getting the finger on this as well.

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