Bank Of America Spends Millions On Super Bowl Party

A five day extravaganza, called The NFL Experience was sponsored by Bank of America, the crooks that have received billions of your dollars. Their argument is that the contract for this event was signed before any bailout money was received. That may be the case, but B of A was in trouble before they received any bailout money, and when they got it, they just frittered it away, as best we can tell. They won’t tell what they did with the money, so we just have to piece together evidence. And there is enough evidence to make you want to close your account, and encourage others to do so as well.

Of course that’s a catch-22, because ultimately, the ones to be hurt from such an action are the hard working rank and file that work for B of A, not the executives who are living the high life, even as they lay off hard working innocent folks. That evidence I spoke of is well documented:

The SEIU wants Bank of America to kick CEO Ken Lewis to the curb because the company approved $4 billion in bonuses for Merrill Lynch executives after accepting $25 billion in bailout funds last October. Is there any wonder why Bank of America is bad for America? While the nation’s largest bank was handing out hefty bonus checks, they were drawing up plans to layoff 35,000 of their 247,000 employees; investing billions in overseas banks and Washington lobbyists; flying executives around on corporate jets; foreclosing on homes; cutting credit to consumers; and refusing to pay employee health care. To top it off, they had the nerve to request $20 billion more from our Treasury.

Knowing these clowns, they probably bet their TARP money on the Cards, and gave the Steelers 10 points.

Bank of America has given us the finger, spit in our face-and now we find out…we’ve been mooned

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One Response to Bank Of America Spends Millions On Super Bowl Party

  1. goodtimepolitics says:

    What melt down? With the Obama government and these companies spending money billions at a time? Pass the steak please! LOL

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