World Threatens U.S. For Daring To Buy American

Maybe Jerimiah Wright had something when he said, “the chickens have come home to roost”. All those wonderful free trade enslavements agreements that the U.S. have entered into over the years has come to this: A clause in the porkulus bill being pushed by Barack Obama mandates that materials going for projects in the package be American made. This has enraged the rest of the world, who have been fattening up by sucking the wealth out of this country for years. Europe, Canada, and other countries have threatened a trade war if the U.S. has the gall, the audacity to use their own products to try and stimulate the economy.

Since virtually nothing is manufactured in the U.S. anymore (and the economy is in shambles-we’ll get back to that), the rest of the world actually does have a strong bargaining position-at the moment. Proponents of the continued siphoning of American wealth warn that a trade war, and the loss of thousands of American jobs are at stake.

Let’s see, borrowing billions from China, and then handing that same money right back to them to buy products made in factories that used to be in the United States will cost American jobs. This buffoonish economic philosophy has already cost American jobs! If that scenario doesn’t anger you, then then ease up on the medication. Look at this economy. Has free trade benefited the U.S.? Has outsourcing made us more prosperous? Is becoming history’s biggest debtor nation served us well? I don’t think so either. A trade war may be just what this country needs. It would force the United States to go back to what worked for so many generations: manufacturing our own goods. That means jobs, that means quality, that means money being circulated in this economy-that means stimulation. Sure, the outsourcers will throw some dubious stats at you in order to scare you into leaving things as they are now. Are you ok with the way things are? Me either. There are lies, damn lies, and then there are statistics. It’s time to stand up and make this country what it could-and should be.

Obama is signaling he may buckle to world pressure. It’s my understanding that the buy American clause only applies to the stimulus package. Trade will continue as it has outside that. Will Obama allow the world to dictate something as fundamental as buying American? Your guess is as good as mine, and I bet it’s a pretty accurate guess…

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