Unemployed Americans To Fund Illegal Alien Healthcare

Have you forgotten that unemployment benefits are taxable income? That meant nothing to your elected representatives, despite the fact that thousands of Americans are losing their jobs every week and turning to taxable unemployment benefits. Your elected representatives have expanded a health care for all comrades program.

Given that America is borrowing every dime it spends now, it’s hard to say how they plan on extracting this money from what is left of American wealth. Sure, they’ll borrow the money to get the ball rolling, but like every loan-it must be paid back eventually. They ought to be taxing weed, but that would hit Obama right in the pocket book, so cigarettes it is. They also plan to get some of the money from that old standby, smokers. Yep, it’s smokers again who will be paying another 61 cents a pack to pay for this. Go ask California how that kind of extortion worked out. How do you create a black market out of thin air? The Dems are showing you. Even that tax won’t go nearly far enough to fund this behemoth.

That’s where you (and your children) come in. Not only will you foot the bill for some kind of government run health care fiasco, but you’ll be paying for more than just your fellow American. Yes, the bill the messiah signed into law specifically makes allowances for the children of illegal aliens, and also loosens identification requirements even more than they are now. Hey, when you’re president of the world you have to not just look out for yourself. It doesn’t matter what you think. The deed is done.

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