Crooked, Inept Banks Rewarded With Trillions

Yes, that would be your money. In a scheme that dwarfs even the bloated porkulus bill winding its way through Congress, tax cheat Tim Geithner has come up with a plan to give away a trillion dollars to his Wall Street friends, and another trillion to the banks to free up the credit markets.

Yes, you’re right, the TARP funds were supposed to free up the markets, but since nobody knows what actually happened to the money that was meted out, Geithner is going to give away what remains from that failed program to those same institutions, and pile this mess right on top of it.

Instead of using this money to put hard working finance folks that were laid off by these money grubbing crooks, Geithner is going to hand our money over to the institutions that will continue to obfuscate, cheat, party away, lay off, outsource, and generally give the finger to the taxpayer who will ultimately pay for this massive theft.

You’ve heard the adage, “If you didn’t vote, then you can’t complain”. Well, I did vote (not for these buffoons though), and I’m complaining. Washington hasn’t listened to the people in the past, and they certainly aren’t doing it now. I hear “given ’em a chance” routinely from Obama supporters. Sorry, I’m not waiting until after the disaster has occurred to say something. The last thing I want to be saying is “I told you so”, but…

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3 Responses to Crooked, Inept Banks Rewarded With Trillions

  1. goodtimepolitics says:

    Didn’t I read someplace that there will still be another spending bill after this next $1.5 trillion one? Our country is going bankrupt while we give the money away to big companies and to socialist programs and they said President Bush was so bad a president! I feel the same as you, we better speak up before its to late! Check out my comment under yours rjjrdq on my blog when you get a chance and let me know what you think please! And Americans we need to let our voice ring loud and clear! Enough is enough!

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  3. Lord Tantrum says:

    It’s ridiculous. Unfortunately if the credit markets DON’T loosen up, the rest of the economy will be hampered. The solution? DON’T LET BANKS GET TOO BIG TO FAIL! Limit their market share to a much smaller percentage. If you’re interested check out our proposal here:

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