Obama Hires Yet Another Lobbyist

In another episode of bull shit we can believe in, Barack Obama handed out a “special waiver” in order make way for the new deputy secretary of defense, William Lynn.

Lynn was a recent registered lobbyist for Raytheon. You’ve heard of Raytheon, they’re the biggest missile makers in the world. Well now they have one of their own in the number 2 position in the Pentagon.

Yep, Barky promised that no lobbyists would darken the doors of his administration, yet so far, though, at least a dozen former lobbyists have found top jobs in his administration, according to an analysis done by Republican sources and corroborated by Politico.

A couple of weeks in and this guy is so covered with stink even Obama himself is questioning a second term.

A foreign born, cigarette smoking, bong hitting, coke sniffing, racist socialist liar. I could be wrong, but I don’t think that was exactly what the American people had in mind. Man, people must have reeeeaaaalllly hated Bush to go with this alternative…

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One Response to Obama Hires Yet Another Lobbyist

  1. lsm says:

    He’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing. It will be interesting to see how long it takes for the average Joe to see beneath the clothes. We might actually get lucky with Pelosi and Reid…they may expose him for what he is much quicker than if he had a couple of less-ambitious socialists in charge.


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