Obama Agenda Too Much For Gregg

Just weeks into his new role as commerce secretary, Republican senator Judd Gregg has called it quits with the Obama administration. Citing the crap sandwich of a stimulus bill as one of the main reasons, his exodus deals another blow to the crumbling facade of a bipartisan administration.

How bipartisan is the Obama agenda? Out of a 535 member congress, 3, yes 3 Republicans voted for that stimulus bill. I think George Bush could do better than that, and he was hardly bipartisan. The fact is, Gregg didn’t want to see his career go up in flames when this turkey didn’t fly. He also had his values to consider. He, as most of America, didn’t think the pork-filled stimulus bill was a good idea. And he has a point. You would think that hundreds of highly educated people (That’s an assumption-I can’t back that up with evidence) could have come up with a better bill than this. Then again, maybe a stimulus bill isn’t needed at all. Maybe this economy just needs a little tweaking to get it back on track.

The problems are obvious. Wall Street is filled with a bunch of crooks. The banks are inept making investment decisions and qualifying people for loans. Outsourcing is still continuing. Insourcing…is still continuing. Buy American is challenged by countries that can’t get enough of the American pie. Why don’t we address these issues one by one and go from there.

That would be too logical, it would make too much sense. Let’s just borrow money we can’t possibly hope to pay back and see if magic happens…

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