Buy American, E-Verify Axed From Pork Bill

Oh, there is buy American language in the bill, but in has a loophole so big you could buy drive a stimulus package through it.

But the provision has been watered down somewhat. For one, it wouldn’t apply if the government decides that sticking with the rule for a particular project “would be inconsistent with the public interest” — a standard but nonetheless potentially large loophole.

Buyamerican The language also requires that the government apply the measure “in a manner consistent with U.S. obligations” under international trade agreements.

They’ve also completely removed the E-Verify provision from the bill, effectively guaranteeing that illegal aliens will benefit significantly from this bill, despite the fact that hundreds of thousands of Americans are losing their jobs every month.

Let’s see, companies will be insourcing cheap, exploitable labor and using foreign manufactured steel for the projects those unverfied workers will be toiling on. Does that sound like stimulating the American economy comrade? Don’t give me the line about protectionism. We see right in front of us how zero-sum globalism has worked.

Spreading the Wealth we can believe in…

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2 Responses to Buy American, E-Verify Axed From Pork Bill

  1. Marlin says:

    It is a shame that none even read it before voting the thing in. How pathetic.

    It should be a law that all must read every bill before voting and all should be required to vote.

  2. rjjrdq says:

    Well, that was the whole issue of Obama wanting to ramrod this thing through. There was no way to disseminate that much information in that short of time. They’re pulling the same stunt in California right now. They’re lobbying for budget votes while still in the process of writing the damn thing.

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