Bank Of America Credit Card Scam

Pulling billions of dollars out of hard working taxpayers’ pockets is apparently not enough for Bank of America. Partying that money away was not insulting enough. This bank (and I’m sure there are others) engages in practices that, if you happen to bank with these crooks, you need to pay close attention to.

If you’re like I was, you received your monthly credit card bill, and dutifully made at least the minimum payment. The bills came like clockwork, and they were paid as such, always on the 5th of the month. But wait! Something was wrong! The balanced went down to a certain point, but it never seemed to go below that. What was wrong? Well, as it turns out, B of A has a scam going designed to keep you paying off your credit card indefinitely. If you happen to be one of the saps that still snail mails your bill, beware: If it doesn’t reach their office and is processed by the due date, you’ll be hit with a $35 late fee (You know I was unaware that it took 10 days for mail to reach North Carolina). If you’ve solved that problem and have your payments taken out automatically, beware: It turns out that Bank of America will actually change the due date by one or two days, without warning. If you have automatically scheduled payments, this tactic will cause you to be late on your payment from time to time, and will result in a $35 late fee.

My current balance is almost entirely late fees. Luckily I didn’t run it up to the hilt, so that’s pretty much all I have to contend with. I’ve since wised up, and thank goodness I have the means to pay off the balance next month, and will cancel that card. I rarely use it, but still have a ridiculous balance. In the end it’s my fault. I knew these bastards were a bunch of crooks, but I just paid my bill like a robot, not paying attention to the declining (or rising) balance for way too long. The very polite Indian customer service lady couldn’t help me this time around. I’ve had it with this rat feces of a bank.

I’m looking for a bank that won’t actively look to rip me off, and when (or if) I find it, I will move my account there. If I find a decent one, I’ll let you know. Stay tuned…

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