Whites The First Humans In North America?

It appears so. Much to the apoplectic consternation of ethno-centrist hate groups such as MECHa, MALDEF, The National Council of La Raza (the race) and others, science has flushed their whole racist agenda down the proverbial toilet.

A perfectly preserved skull found near Mexico City was dated using the latest carbon dating technology and found to be 13,000 years old. That would date it back to the ice age. A great archeological find in and of itself, but what was interesting about this particular skull is that it appears-it is almost certain to be from a caucasion female, indicating whites were on the North American continent thousands of years before Christopher Columbus, Cortez, or any of the other white slackers that showed up later on. The age of the skull puts it about 2000 years older than any other known human remains discovered on the continent. Yes, any other remains from any other tribe.

The research team, headed by Dr. Silvia Gonzalez, is pretty damn sure they have it right.

Research team leader Dr. Silvia Gonzalez believes that Peñon woman does in fact prove the Solutrean Hypothesis. “At the moment it points to that as being likely. They were definitely not Mongoloid in appearance. They were from somewhere else. As to whether they were European, at this point in time we cannot say ‘no’,” Dr Gonzalez said.

So the next time one of these ethno-centrist hate mongers gets in your face about “their land” (if you have trouble finding any, try any California college or university), ask them if they’ve ever heard of the Solutrean Hypothesis. You’re sure to get some kind of bullshit response, but it will be entertaining seeing the look on their face anyway.

I’m willing to share though. As long as you stay on that massive chunk of land South of the Rio Grande. That is of course unless you get in line, file the papers, and generally do it right. Those folks are more than welcome to the hands down most generous country on earth. When you get here though, check out Teddy Roosevelt’s definition of an American. A must read…

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13 Responses to Whites The First Humans In North America?

  1. Robert Wilks says:

    The first humans in North America may or may not have been “white,” but this is not the definitive evidence for it, nor is rjjrdq the source anyone should be using to get their archaeological information.

    Here’s a little survey I did on different schools of thought about the earliest humans in North America:

    – 13,500 years ago across the Bering Strait; long-held belief among archaeologists before the following discoveries:
    – 14,300 years ago (Jenkins, 2008, oldest radio carbon dated human remains – coprolite found in Oregon cave) http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/26819601/
    – 19,000 years ago from France / Spain area (Stanford, presented in 2006, based on design of spear tips) http://www.livescience.com/history/060219_first_americans.html
    – 50,000 (Goodyear, presented in 2004, radio carbon dating of plant remains at a dig in South Carolina) http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2004/11/041118104010.htm

    So depending on which scientist you believe, the earliest humans in North America may have been Asian, European, or maybe even African. But 13,000 years is certainly not the oldest evidence.

  2. who made who says:

    If the Discovery channel is any kind of source there was a spear head discovered near what is modern day Kentucky that date back atleast 14,000 thousand years….This spear tip is european in its design so sorry Europeans where the first on the continent it only makes cense when you look at the groups closest to the ice bridge during that period in our history……

    Soory to the native peoples im half french half black foot first nation myself but there arguments about being the first peoples are right out the window,study of the human gnome also proves this…Some Native peoples show signs of european DNA that traces from thousands of years ago

    the proof is in the science my friends!

  3. who made who says:

    a slight correction it was Indiana not kentucky and arrow heads not spear tips my bad!

  4. Richard Welch says:

    There looks to be no viable alternative to the Solutrean hypothesis since access to the American heartland from Asia was virtually impossible before the Bolling interstadial of ca. 14,000 BP, and proto-Clovis points from Cactus Hill are thousands of years older than that. The Solutreans arrived via a North Atlantic archipelago which existed in the last glacial epoch. (See Roots of Cataclysm, Algora Publ. NY 2009.) Nothing to get lathered about — just an interesting aspect of prehistory.

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  7. whitelocust says:

    Okay we were first. Whites currently occupy the majority of north America, the real question is can we hold it? Are you weak, will you be wiped out again? Or will you arm yourselves and be ready when the time comes?

  8. Barb Hartwell says:

    W hat is all this talk about who was here first. It does not matter any, Many people lived fought and died for this great country and they were not all white. What matters most in this country is being good country men getting back to patriotism we had when the country had been attacked. We were outraged at anyone who could have done this to us, but it was not just white people who were hurt, it was all true Americans. I would like to see our country take a better stand on immigration also, and we know it is possible, but it makes me wonder if the government turns its back on the situation to flood the market with enough unskilled people they can bring jobs back to the U.S. without paying them a decent wage. Why else would this be tolerated? Please don`t tell me its all those koolaid drinking liberals, I`m sick of that copout.

  9. Mint says:

    It’s tragic that this poor excuse of a website, or this poorer excuse of a science editorial, is visible in a Google search.

    You couldn’t be more wrong. I won’t explain, because you don’t care, and I don’t believe for a second that you’re too stupid to know why.

    Save us the embarrassment; the internet is bad enough. We don’t need you adding to the traffic.

  10. you gotserved says:

    White win again!!

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  12. Anonymous says:

    We know that whites have not discover any land on this planet.

  13. gravatar are data miners says:

    “we” do?

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