California Circles The Drain

In a living paradigm of what socialism would look like in the United States, the budget woes of California, in and of itself one of the largest economies in the world can only mean disaster for its now fleeing citizens.

With a proposed array of tax hikes, fees, cuts in basic services, and dubious balance sheet manipulation, the proposed Democrats budget is falling just short of the 2/3 majority needed to unleash it on the state. Some are calling the Republicans obstructionists for opposing this Obamian nightmare.

The plan would nearly double the vehicle license fees Californians pay, increase sales taxes by 1 cent, increase gasoline taxes by 12 cents per gallon and add a surcharge of as much as 5% to income tax bills.

Pardon my language, but what the FUCK is a “surcharge” on taxes? Can somebody tell me what that is? Is that a tax on a tax? Imagine being labeled obstructionist for pointing out a turkey that just ‘aint gonna’ fly.

State workers are grossly overpaid, unions are bloated with benefits, illegal aliens are coddled at the expense of the taxpayer, schools are paying through the nose for material that can be found for free online, but the Dems just have to jack up what citizens are left with tax increases in order to keep the status quo. Never mind that California is already one the most heavily taxed states, and unemployment is near the top as well.

Keep in mind, whenever this piece of shit finally gets shoveled through, the same thing is going to occur the next fiscal year. More people are leaving California (those are taxpayers folks) than any other state. Go figure…

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