Fighting For Freedom in Afghanistan?

Let’s be serious. Obama plans on ramping up the conflict in Afghanistan, which will certainly mean more of our brave men and women being killed. And for what? Would you like an example of what American blood is being shed for?

Two guys in Afghanistan translated the Koran into Persian. Not a crime in and of itself, but it turns out they made a few errors in the translation. That is a crime in Afghanistan, under, you guessed it sharia law. Yes, the same clit hacking, idol burning, West hating sharia law that we were supposed to be trying to replace with democracy. What democracy? These dudes are looking at 20 years! The prosecutors wanted the death penalty, so I guess these two should feel lucky.

Yes, this is what we are defending in Afghanistan. America will fight, and you will pay with your dollars in order to preserve backwards 10th century bullshit. Don’t bother to lay into your elected representatives for approving the funding for this ongoing disaster. They’re not paying attention, they didn’t even read the pork bill. Do you actually expect them to notice what’s happening “over there”?

I throw this phrase out there now and then hoping against hope: Throw the bums out. Who knows, maybe it’ll catch on one day.

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2 Responses to Fighting For Freedom in Afghanistan?

  1. goodtimepolitics says:

    Afghanistan may be Obama’s vietnam!

  2. Robert says:

    Perhaps if American soldiers seriously started to focus their attention on the enemies living right in their own homeland, their country’s impending downfall might be halted. They really should consider investigating the Society of Jesus, i.e., the Jesuits in America.

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