More Slime Oozes From Burris

And the lies keep piling up. First it was just a brief discussion about nothing to nobody, then it was a brief discussion with Blago’s brother-about nothing, and now…It turns out that bonehead Burris actually tried to raise money for Rod Blagojevich, the man who annointed him senator of Illinois.

Of course, tried is Burris’ side of the story. He claims he never succeeded in raising anything for Blago. But given that he’s lied about every other aspect of his involvement, how are we to believe him now? The guy was schmoozing with all kinds of Blago thugs, and admits he was actively seeking to raise money for the disgraced former governor.

There are already calls for this clown to step down. It’s interesting that Harry Reid never did want this guy to take the seat. No, not because he was corrupt (they’re all corrupt), but he will certainly take the opportunity to play it up if indeed Burris is shit-canned from the senate.

How do you rise through the ranks of Illinois politics without being corrupt? Short answer: You can’t…

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2 Responses to More Slime Oozes From Burris

  1. Mr Pink Eyes says:

    How many times has he changed his story now? I have three. It is time for Burris to resign after this latest confession. It’s funny how he said he never raised money for Blago, which is true, but he did try to.

  2. rjjrdq says:

    The allegations were that the seat was for sale. Makes you wonder.

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