Obama To Attend North American Union Meeting

Barry heads up to Canada Thursday to talk over the global warming scam, and how the United States, Canada, and Mexico can continue to perpetuate it.

Funny how those three countries keep being lumped together in the same sentence. There’s a good reason for that. Most people that follow even vapid T.V. news can tell you that there is a push to merge the the three countries into a European style disaster. This, even as the U.S. concedes that Mexico is imploding with a drug war that may surpass Iraq as the greatest national security threat. That won’t stop Barry from trying to make something out of nothing with a Gorean global warming agenda. As the ice caps freeze to levels of nearly 30 years ago, Obama continues the charade.

But why include Mexico? Have you ever been to Mexico City? It makes the air in Los Angeles seem like the Garden of Eden. And with the that failed narco state already chasing its citizens North, don’t look for them to do anything for that country. So if they won’t/can’t do anything, that would leave…that’s right the 3rd piece of the North American Union puzzle to dump money into a corrupt cesspool of waste. That 3rd piece happens to be you, and Barry has already got things going his way in that E-Verify was axed from the recently signed pork bill. Come one, come all, and if you’re broke, don’t worry, Amero’s on the way. He’s keeping the Union ball rolling by taking back his campaign promise of renegotiating NAFTA. Those unemployed Americans that have been devastated by that disastrous trade agreement can go pound sand as far as Obama is concerned. Contempt for America we can believe in…

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5 Responses to Obama To Attend North American Union Meeting

  1. pammeh says:

    Hi, Personally I would love to see a North American Union. It would benefit all 3 countries in different ways.Right now the United States and a lot of the world is in a very bad economic state and need all the resources they can get to bring it back on top.If all 3 of us combine and work together we can do this. It would be much easier to control the outer border of North America then it is to control the borders inside . Also a lot of people cannot cross the border because of things they have done many years ago , which as far has human rights go I believe once you do the time for the crime it should not be used against you. I am not talking major crime here just little things, I know families that are torn apart because of OWI charges from 8 years ago. I believe it would be much easier for trade if we had one currency and much easier for tourist and the economy if we were one. We already back each other , trade our resources, inform each other of all choices and support each other so why not just be one ? Hopefully we will see this happen some time very soon and get North America back on top. =)

  2. rjjrdq says:

    Absorbing Mexico would be beneficial? They have resources we need? Easier to control the border? Mexico backs us? None of those things are true. And the fact is, families are “torn apart” by choice. Nobody has to leave anybody behind here for any reason…

  3. pammeh says:

    “families are “torn apart” by choice ” that is absolutely not true . I have a friend of mine who has been with an American for 3 years now and she is Canadian, he went home to get his passport for June.1st and when he tried to return to Canada he was denied for something he wasn’t even charged with, the charges were dropped but it is still showing the there database . That’s just one of the cases I know , there are very many cases were Canadian’s and American’s are torn apart for similar reasons.There is no reason for it. Also Mexico does have resources we can use , they have oil for one which we would be better off using then getting it from other countries around the world that would like to blow us off the map. Thank You.

  4. rjjrdq says:

    I’m sorry if your friend is caught up in some red tape, but if you think security should be lax within the “North American Union” zone we’re back to the original border security problem, except under your scenario that border encompasses what used to be 3 countries. A huge area.

  5. Gabriel Osburnsen says:

    If this does go through, our constitution will be reduced to shit, and I am not giving up my American flag.

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