Americans Fed Up, Leaving California

Once the envy of the nation, California, with its mild climate, golden beaches, rolling hills, cheap living and Hollywood chic, is now the embarrassment of the nation, and anyone with the means to get out is doing so.

At least the climate is still mild, despite what the global warming alarmists would like you to believe. Of course warm weather requires air conditioning, but due to the influx of immigrants-legal and illegal alike, California’s sagging infrastructure now sees rolling power blackouts on a routine basis. Those rolling hills are now dotted with cookie cutter homes, a byproduct of Californians with means trying to escape the declining cities. Beaches are now closed several times a year, due to sewage spills and rain induced runoff that just make the water too dangerous to wade in.

The Hollywood of old is now gone as well. The once proud movie mecca is now run down, with gangs, the homeless and prostitution rampant on any given night. The only decent part of town is the unincorporated West Hollywood, know for its high concentration of gays. That part of town is not bad actually, although the traffic, like most of Los Angeles, is a nightmare.

Those are just the tactile and emotional declines of California. Sacramento, the state capitol, has spent the state into oblivion, with waste and fraud that could rival even Illinois. With social freebies galore, it’s a magnet for any illegal alien that needs a handout. What taxpayers remain are the ones funding those handouts, but the pool is shrinking by the day. California tops the nation in the number of citizens running for lives to other states, and given the fact that the unemployment rate is over 8% and rising, there will no doubt be more people on the way out. The unfriendly business environment in California that is becoming legend doesn’t help at all.

And why not leave? Not only are jobs scarce, lawmakers have been molding California into a defacto Mexican state for years, turning once decent cities into sprawling barrios. Now, imminent tax hikes on those who remain have pushed even more people off the deep end, which will clearly exacerbate an already out of control budget situation. If you thought this year was obscene, just wait for what’s on the way, when less sources of revenue (the taxpayer), will have to carry more of the load.

Revenue and brain-drain. That will leave the poor, the uneducated, and the dependent to prop up California. What are the odds that will work out?

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10 Responses to Americans Fed Up, Leaving California

  1. LSM says:

    And as we’ve always been told in the Midwest, watch what happens on the coasts. It’ll be coming to you in about 3-5 years.

    California is now a Hell-hole. There isn’t one ounce of morality, fiscal responsibility, or accountability in that state. Anyone sane SHOULD get out. Just learn from your liberal misguidings and leave them behind. Don’t move and then infiltrate the rest of the states with your socialism.


  2. rjjrdq says:

    I’m from Illinois originally (yes, the politicians were corrupt back in those days as well), but when I moved here 25 years ago, it was still a great place. That was a long time ago.

  3. Fred says:

    I read that California is losing it’s taxpayer base , but still growing in population with the likes of illegals and newborns (non-taxpayers). This should have great results

  4. rjjrdq says:

    There’s another deficit looming for the next budget cycle. How do you think they’ll resolve that? Sooner or later they’re going to run out of taxpayers.

  5. janicepurple says:

    As a 58 year old native San Diegan, I have seen California’s decline. In fact I have seen it coming for other 30 years. Illegal immigration is just one of the many woes. Rampant homebuilding on every scrap of land, horrible traffic, smog, and high taxes are others.

    Spending, spending, spending is all our legislators do, that and raise taxes. I have voted in every election since I turned 21, but the candidates I vote for almost never win. I vote on issue, every proposition, etc., but there seem to be enough fools out there who vote for more and more debt. Our courts make the most outrageous decisions re criminals or illegal aliens’ rights.

    I intend to leave California eventually, and I will NOT be bringing any socialist ideas with me.

  6. rjjrdq says:

    Now we have a federal government that is almost a mirror of Sacramento.

  7. Jose says:

    We’ve HAD a Federal Government that HAS been a mirror image of Sacramento for the last 28 years! Carter, Reagan and those Bushes (curses of the American people), then Clinton, and now Obama…have worked overtime in throwing the doors open for tens of millions of illiterate, diseased Third World cheap labor.

    Corporate America no longer has to outsource, they have a built in system of insourcing from endless millions of parasitic Mexicans and Central Americans.

    Americans sat by and ate fast foods why their nation was given away.

  8. Tony C. says:

    Caputo, et al vs. Obama.

    I want to start a Class Action Law Suit against Barack Hussein Obama for putting me, my Children and my Grand Children $800,000,000,000.00 Billion Dollars in debt and destroying their future.

    Anyone out there want to join me in this Class Action Law Suit?

    Any Lawyer out there want to handle this Law Suit?

    Tony Caputo of Sarasota County, Florida…..August 27, 2009.

    ps: In the ‘short scale’, which is used predominantly by America, a billion is 1000 million: 1,000,000,000.

  9. william moran says:

    i am a flooring contractor in los angeles and i have been here since 1977 and have seen many Americans loose what wed call the American dream which is now the Mexican dream and am very disgusted with the whole thing . i make enough to live on so i can keep the investments i have but i will soon be moving within the next few years and get out of here. it used to be a great place but their are no jobs here for Americans unless your self-employed for Mexican and foreigners
    are replacing the Americans that work in every occupation. the last quarter report on jobs came out for the second quarter and it showed that 1.2 million Americans lost their jobs and at the same time 664,000 illegals and foreigners
    got jobs . i hope you people see what is happening . they will give you unemployment till all the jobs can be replaced by cheap labor .

  10. Barb Hartwell says:

    I feel our country is run by a bunch of thugs. I`ve lived on the East coast until 1978 and moved to the northwest. It used to be if a store owner didn`t pay the gangster for protection their business would suddenly burn to the ground. We have not changed all that much. To many regulations unless you know the right people or pay the penalties big time. The other thugs have taken away the regulations and gave us no choices either work for me, on my terms, for this amount of money, (basically slave labor) or else we`ll send the jobs over seas. These thugs have divided us as a country and it is up to us to bring it back together. I feel they will just keep mud slinging forever and behind closed doors pat each other on the back.

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