Obama Backpeddles On NAFTA

After bull shitting unemployed Americans on the merits of NAFTA, Barack Obama has decided that this would be a bad time to renegotiate the disastrous trade agreement, which cost thousands of American jobs, and relaxed work conditions in North American Union countries Canada and Mexico.

Even while Obama was laying it on thick to the American worker, Canadians were laughing at the brazeness of his faux campaign promises.

If Barry thought it was so critical to renegotiate the treaty, wouldn’t this be the right time to do it? Now is when workers are suffering the most, and really need those jobs that were shipped to cheaper labor markets like the terminal country of Mexico. Nice to see that the free trade agreement has made that hell-hole a better place to live.

No, Obama wants to hold off on helping the American worker. He has other things to do like fund sharia law in Afghanistan. Priorities we can believe in…

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