Clinton Skins Her Knees For Chinese Thuggery

Before Hillary Clinton’s trip to China this week, the State Department assured the public and human rights groups that human rights would be “an important issue”. Well, you can just guess how that worked out.

As soon as Clinton got to China she started playing a very different tune, making it clear that she’ll be damned if something like human rights was going to get in the way of economic suicide. Clinton fell all over herself, assuring the Chinese government the the human rights issue would be on the back burner, if not in the fire itself.

So the expoitation of Chinese workers will continue, as well as the importation of criminally poor quality goods, along with the other well documented human rights abuses that China heaps upon its own citizens. China has told us how it was going to be before, and they’re doing it again. Hope you brought your knee pads Hillary…

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6 Responses to Clinton Skins Her Knees For Chinese Thuggery

  1. chicagoray says:

    She sure is on her knees for these folks and the only reason is to assure them all’s well so they’ll pick up Obama’s stimulus tab. That way they don’t have to print the money, ..skank.

  2. pradeep3100 says:

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  3. Lord Tantrum says:

    Unfortunately not surprising. This has been US policy for quite some time. It’s ironic that we punish Cuba with an embargo but China is our best friend.

  4. rjjrdq says:

    Well, the Bay of Pigs was a huge embarrassment for the U.S. You don’t embarrass a superpower like that. They’re making an example of Cuba. You’re right; they continue to slobber all over communist China at the same time they’re knocking the stuffing out of a tiny island nation.

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