Race Card Victicrats Go Postal

For those that have a vested interest in keeping phony race issues alive, the uproar over a cartoon published by the New York Post has provided fuel that they apparently hope will keep the issue on life support.

Ignoring the fact that huge swaths of white voters cast their ballot for Barack Obama in November, perpetual victim advocacy groups such as the NAACP have called for the firing of the cartoon’s creater, as well as the editor. For those who may have not seen the cartoon in question, it depicts cops shooting, ostensibly a chimpanzee, although monkey has been bantered around as if they were the same thing. One of the cops in the cartoon is exclaiming that They’ll have to find someone else to write the next stimulus bill.

The cartoon was insensitive in that it was actually referencing a woman that had been attacked by a pet chimpanzee earlier in the week. What groups like the NAACP, the nightmarishly racist Al Sharpton and others either do not understand or do not want you to understand is that Obama did not write the stimulus bill. That is the role of congress (see civics 101). The quantum leap from congress was a bunch of wild monkeys that needed to be disposed of to Barack Obama himself was being compared to a monkey is the argument of these old race hacks, that see their power dissolving, an (unintended?) consequence of what many see as the first African-American to be elected President of the United States. They may be half right in their assertion there. The fact that Obama is half white is 100% correct, and I’m sure most whites wouldn’t take kindly to being referred to as sub-human.

Congress was the target of this cartoon though, and these old, dying racists know it, and, like the dinosaurs, are trying to find a way to stay relevant.

As Don Meridith put it on the old Monday Night Football..”Turn out the lights, the party’s over…” The party is over for these victicrats, killed by their own sword…

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4 Responses to Race Card Victicrats Go Postal

  1. darrylthewriter says:

    The sad part is you miss the point of the protest over this cartoon….it’s not about who actually authored the stimulus package; you and I are well aware that regardless of who actually authored the bill, Obama will take the heat for it simply because he’s the one in charge. In my own admittedly narrow scope, the uproar comes from such an established, well known journalistic entity such as the Post giving the green light to such stereotypical, divisive imagery in an attempt at satire at the expense of the President. Even at his worst, he and African Americans do not deserve that, especially in light of the fact that one of the byproducts of this most recent election was supposed to be the turning of the page on such ignorance and bigotry. I get where you are coming from as far as being critical of the actual package, but never forget our past and the hurt and pain caused by the need to dredge it up…..thanks for your earlier comment.

  2. rjjrdq says:

    We can agree to disagree. You’re making the leap that he cartoon is referencing Barack Obama (who is half-white by the way), and not an out of control congress who passed a multi-billion dollar spending bill without actually reading it. I don’t think most people would have made that connection. Groups like the NAACP will now make sure they do, instead of seeing it for what it is: another political cartoon. Not racial, political.

  3. darrylthewriter says:

    Indeed, we can agree to disagree…..and I’m trying to figure how you can speak for “most people” not making that connection. Most people that I know, and I am referencing a diverse, multi-ethnic group, made that very same connection. Obama’s mother was Caucasian; however, given his history and the years he spent incubating in the cocoon of Chicago’s African American neighborhoods, he can classified as “half-black” as well, and therein lies the rub. No black people are slurring him, just a cartoonist from the Post.

  4. rjjrdq says:

    There was no reference to Obama in that cartoon period. If that cartoonist were not white this wouldn’t be an issue at all. If I were him I would consider suing the NAACP, and Al (speaking of racists) Sharpton for defamation. This is a fabrication of a dying breed that can’t lay down the race card.

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