Obama Adds Another Token Latino

Faced with an ass kicking from the Latino caucus, Barack Obama got a little reprieve today when Hilda Solis was confirmed as labor secretary. Obama was warned by the racist caucus that if he didn’t stock his administration with an acceptable number of Latinos, they would make him pay. He buckled like a wet noodle.

When reconquista crook Bill Richardson didn’t work out, Obama was sweating, but he can breath a little easier now that Solis has been tokenized. Solis, the Mexican AINO socialist illegal alien cheerleader quasi-tax cheat has promised to knock the living shit out of American business and drive them to cheaper overseas labor. Of course she didn’t put it like that, but the effect will be the same. She’s big on unions. That’s fine, but guess who she would like to organize? You got it paisano, her people. She is yet another Latino that is for Latinos, and Latinos only. That’s fine, but she has no business as labor secretary for the entire United States.

Obama was in a bind though. He had to pay back Latinos for the support he didn’t actually need, but since he made the obligation, they were coming for payback.

Okay, okay, so she wasn’t a good choice. C’mon give Obama a break, it’s not like he has a history of making poor choices, is it?

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2 Responses to Obama Adds Another Token Latino

  1. A Latina says:

    I am sorry to have clicked on your website. It’s sad that your rhetoric is on the internet and readily accessible on google.

  2. rjjrdq says:

    Thanks for stopping by.

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