“Peace” Negotiators Say Legitimize Hamas

Ignoring the trend in Europe towards an intolerant Muslim slant, 14 former foreign ministers and peace negotiators are imploring the United States and Israel to suck up to the terror group Hamas in order to facilitate peace in the Palestinian territory.

Yes, the same Hamas whose charter has the destruction of Israel as its cornerstone, the same Hamas who proudly boast of suicide bombers and routinely launch rockets into Israel. Yes, that Hamas. Israel says knock off the shit and abide by an existing peace plan and they can talk. That little scenario apparently escaped these 14 boobs.

If figures that these goons come from Europe, who have capitulated to violence and threats by Muslims to the point that England may actually become a Muslim country in the next 20 to 30 years. Try to wrap your mind around that. They already have political clout, as evidenced by the Geert Wilders incident.

Legitimizing a pack of slime like Hamas will just embolden them to do more of what they have been doing: committing violence and mayhem. If you show them that their tactics are an effective tool, where do you think they’ll go from here?

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