Senate Against-And For Fairness Doctrine

Called it ambivalence, call it party politics, call it politicians once again not reading what they’re voting for, but the Senate has managed to pass an amendment that would bar the FCC from reinstituting the fairness doctrine.

The amendment put forth by Republican Jim DeMint passed easily in the Senate, despite the fears that a Democratic controlled Senate would try to ram something like the son of fairness doctrine through. Well it didn’t happen. Or did it?

At the same time DeMint’s measure was passing handily, the same Senate was passing the polar opposite, submitted by Democrat Dicky Durbin. His amendment would require the FCC to twist media arms throughout the country in an effort to induce radio stations to create business killing programs that nobody wants. Those are business killing programs that even the Dems don’t want. But that’s not the point is it? Durbin’s point is to silence anybody who doesn’t agree with the messianic agenda.

I wonder if Dick’s doctrine would apply to television as well. How about a Dobbs/Maddow show? Olberman/O’Reilly? Beck/Matthews? That would be entertaining. Not informative, but entertaining.

Funny though, the Repubs and Dems battle over what’s fair, but throw and independent in the mix and they’re both on the same team. Hypocrites all around…

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One Response to Senate Against-And For Fairness Doctrine

  1. Barb Hartwell says:

    Why is it so hard to get an independent elected. It pissed me off when I tried to register as an independent, I was not able to vote for anyone. My thought was if I was independent I should be able to vote for anyone, not just an independent candidate. This to me is corruption. We need a purple candidate (between red and blue) I`m sick of both side and their self righteousness.

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