Government Looking To Turn Your Children Over To The U.N.

The usurping convention, signed by Bill Clinton but never ratified by congress, has raised its ugly head again, this time being pushed by the Democratic lush Barbara Boxer. With the blessings of Barack Obama, all it will take is for the American public to continue to not pay attention, and your child’s ass will belong to the U.N.

The U.N., one of the most corrupt, slimiest, useless cancers ever created has come up with a document that would take complete control as to the way your child is raised. The language is so broad that virtually anything you do regarding the decisions being made for your child could not only be called into question, but overridden all together.

If this piece of shit is ratified by congress, where your child lives, what your child says and does, what your child’s religion is, and who they associate with will no longer be up to you. If junior wants to hang with a Frank Marshall Davis clone, you’ll have no choice but to allow it. If the child tells you to fuck off, well, that’s just freedom of expression. If the child doesn’t even want to live with you-well they have that covered as well.

This would be become the law of land if ratified, citing the same Constitution that is currently being dismantled by the bogus Obama administration. How’s that for nerve?

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